mLearning Mobile Apps

EDU 210 Module 9

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Mobl21 is a mobile learning tool that allows teachers to create learning materials that can be accessed anywhere and anytime on mobile devices by students. The materials could be class notes, images, or videos. A teacher could post all their class notes to this app so that students can have easy access to them whenever they want.


iWriter allows for the creation of different types of learning tools accessible on iPods. Most interestingly it offers the ability to create quizzes for students. Math practice quizzes could easily be distributed to students through this app.


Sandbox is a web browser that limits use to a whitelist of sites. This makes more sense for younger students who may not be as responsible and are only expected to use a few different specific websites in classroom activities. If an activity requires students to search up sources on just a single website, Sandbox can conveniently restrict students to the desired site. This app is $2.99.


Flashcards is an app for students to assist them in studying whenever it comes down to cimple memorization. Flash cards have been used for a long time, and this just puts them into a technological setting.  This app would be most useful in science or social studies classes which rely more on memorizing the definitions of certain terms. This app is $1.99.

Wolfram Alpha

The Wolfram Alpha app is a very helpful source of math- and science-related information, from definitions to conversions, and from general questions to specific solutions. In addition, it gives step-by-step guides to students trying to solve particularly difficult math problems.  This app is especially useful for solving any calculus problems. This app is $2.99.

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