El Salvador

By: Brooke Hughes

Here is a graph of the climate in El salvador

Weather and climate

Though El Salvador is a tropical country distinct rainy and dry season even thought throughout both wet and dry seasons El salvador weather is warm, less often hot with more temperatures in the higher altitude regions average temperatures in the El salvador capital city San salvador range from 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit   El Salvador's interior regions remain dry throughout the year. The maximum temperature of El Salvador is 32 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature is 18 degrees celsius. Even though El salvador is very tropical its a very nice place to be or visit very tropical but little rainy but other than that a perfect place to be.

El salvador is the most smallest densely populated country in central america. El Salvador capital city is San salvador. There climate is very tropical but when it came to may to october it was very rainy, but when it comes to dry season it is november to april

Food/drinks in El Salvador.

Some foods that are popular in El Salvador are rice and beans. At breakfast they eat something call gallo pinto and this comes with everything from eggs, steak, to seafood, at lunch or dinner Rice and beans are a big part they eat and use rice and beans a lot its a integral part of casado a casado usually includes cabbage, tomatoes, salad, fried plantains and meats such as chicken, fish, steak and more.  

Facts and information about El salvador

El salvadors population is 6.34 million. Popular places to visit are beaches, small forests,and theres also lots of surfing you can do at the beaches some interesting facts about El salvador is El salvador tallest mountain El pital sits near the country's northern border with honduras. Also there main language is spanish. In 1998 hurricane Mitch hit the country leaving 200 dead and 30,000 homeless and in january and February in 2001 earthquakes hit the country.g

Here is a map showing where El salvador is and whats located around it.

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