Four Seasons

A First Grader's Guide to The Different Seasons

Spring, summer, fall and winter are our four seasons. Each season is different, but they all have aspects that make them lovely and enjoyable.

Spring is a season that is all about blossoming. Nebraska experiences very cold winters and afterwards an enjoyable mild temperature paired with the blooming flowers, trees, and plants of all kinds makes for a welcome season. Spring usually starts in March or April and ends around May or June.

Many peoples' favorite season is summer. Summer is usually drink the months of May and August. Summer is all about beautiful warm weather, having a time of rest form school, and enjoying the outdoors like camps or going to the beach or pool.

Generally between the months of August and November falls the season of Autumn. Lots of leaves change color which are very beautiful. The trees then lose their leaves and they become dormant. The weather is more cool that summer and spring, but warmer than winter. Most school years start in the fall.

When the snow falls it makes everything look so pure with a blanket of white. Winter is a great month to build snowmen and make snow angels. After having fun outside it is nice to curl up by the fireplace with a cup of hot coco. Winter id very cold and can sometimes last a long time. December through February or March is usually when we see winter, so even though it is the last season we are taking about it is the fist season we have in our calendar year.

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