My 7th Grade Year
By: Taylor Ashby

My 7th Grade year went by very fast. I feel like the time just passed by so quickly. I really liked all of the teachers that I had this year and I became closer friends with a lot of people.

Top 10 moments in 7th grade

1. Trip to Arizona

My Mom and I went to Arizona for spring break. My aunt and cousins live down there and we went to visit. We stayed for a week during break and we did many things we wouldn't be able to do here.

2. Gymnastics competitions

I had many competitions this year. We traveled to Columbus, Kentucky twice, Michigan, and other areas around. I improved a lot from my first meet to my last. Its fun to be with my team and just experience everything along with the competition. I did very well at my state meet this year. I took first place on vault, first place on beam, 6th place on bars, and 10th on floor. I got second place all around out of about 230 other girls. I would have gotten first and not second but I rolled my ankle in the middle of my floor routine and it lowered my score by a lot. I posted the video of my first place vault.

3. 7th grade camp

7th grade camp was really fun. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but it was fun for the most part. The activities were all fun and they kept us really busy everyday. My favorite part of camp was the dance. It was fun to be with all my friends from school and for all of us to be together.

Camp Cabin Amokee.

4. Track season

This was my first time doing track ever. Mr. Ross kept asking me to join his team so I tried it and it wasn't that bad. I am doing it again next year. Track helped me a lot with gymnastics because of the workouts and running that we did.

First track meet at Kenston.

5. Getting new skills at practices

I feel like this year I have gotten a ton of new skills. I fractured my back last summer and I have made my way back up to the level I was at before I fractured my back. I fractured my back doing gymnastics and they weren't sure if I was going to be able to continue but luckily I was able to. I have gotten many new skills that are very challenging for me. It took me a while to get the skills, but it's always rewarding every time you get a new skill that you have been working towards. The videos I have of me getting skills are my first front arial, first round off on high beam, and my first standing back tuck that I landed. My gym has helped me through all of the struggles and pain that I have been through. I don't know where I would be without my gym.

6. Birthday Parties. I have been to many birthday parties this year that have just been fun to be at. They were memories made that will not be forgotten and friends that will never be replaced.

Addison's 13th birthday party.

7. Team sleepovers

Its fun to have team sleepovers because we all love the same thing and we pretty much do gymnastics all night long. Its fun to be with my teammates places other than at the gym. We can all have something in common and we can relate to each other because of the sport that we do. I do things with my teammates that I would never be able to do with other people. When we have sleepovers all we do is gymnastics. :)

8. Sister time. I have a step sister named Halley is is two weeks older than me. We get along really well for the most part. We usually go to movies if we want to do something. We have had many times where we got yelled at for being too loud late at night. I only see her three days a week but when she is over we never leave each other alone. My mom always says how when we are together it reminds her of her and my aunt when they were kids. We became step sisters when we were five years old and have been very close ever since.

^^ When my sister and I were little this used to be our favorite song. We fist heard it at my moms friends house and my mom said that when we first heard it that we loved it. She said we ran around the yard and listened to it. We had my mom buy the song and every time we were n the car we would have her turn it on. We made dances to it and had shows to that song. Whenever we hear the song it brings back so many memories.

9.Going the the metro parks

My family likes to go to the metros and just walk up the streams and down the paths. Its just something fun for us to do and to get out of the house. We all like to do it and there are so many different parks that we could go to. Whenever we go we all plan to stay dry but someone always ends up falling in. Last time we went which was Mother's day, I was the one to fall in.


A few of the moments I had in Honers English Language Arts that I really enjoyed was outsiders day. It was a cool idea how we all included a day about the book we were reading into the school year. We went around rooms and did all the activities that the teachers had planned for us. The activities all had something to do with the novel. Another thing that we did in language arts that I liked was the road of trials challenge. Mr. Kowalski had all these activities for us to complete in a certain amount of time if we wanted to save him. Some examples of activities we did was when we had to make one big triangle out of several small triangles. Another activity was we had to get through three squares without having them fall down. One more of my favorite memories of English language arts was when we all say down and Mr. Kowalski read to us. It was always fun to hear all of the different voices that he would do for the characters. When he read out loud to us it was easy to follow and fun to listen to.

Core (Science)

10. Trampoline park

My mom, aunt, cousins, and I went to a trampoline park called Krazy Air. It was huge and had things like rings and tight ropes in it along with all of the trampolines. We stayed for about half of the day just jumping. The best part of the trampoline park for me is when my mom and aunt tried to do flips that they saw me doing.

Class outsiders day picture.

For 7th grade science I had Miss Burton. In the class you do junk box challenges which are fun. Some of them turn out to be disasters but they are fun to try and complete. We did at least four junk boxes this year. Some projects we did in Miss Burton's class was making our own planet and the cycles project. For making your own planet we paired up and had to think of a planet name and the design of the planet. For the cycles project you had to bring in a shoe box and make a project using some of the cycles we learned about in class. To be successful in Miss Burton's class you just have to pay attention to all the slide shows that she makes. Take notes when she tells you too and don't wait till the last minute to study. Pretty much the same thing you would do in any other class to be successful.


Seventh grade camp was a really fun experience. Some of the highlights of camp was the dance, capture the flag, outdoor cooking, and ultimate Frisbee. I liked capture the flag a lot. It was fun to actually play in the woods and have the counselors and school teachers participate. I liked Frisbee because I have never done it before and I wasn't horrible at it. At first I thought it was pointless but I really liked it towards the end.Outdoor cooking was also fun. It was fun to put everything together and see how it tastes. The dance was my favorite part. Everyone was together and everyone was into it. I liked when all the councilors came into the middle and they had a song played for them. Our councilor was really fun and that's another reason camp was so fun.

A la carte

Seventh grade was fun for the most part. This is the year that has gone by the fastest for me. I thought it was going to be worse than it really was. I thought that all the teachers were going to be really strict and mean. I also thought that we would be given all this work at the same time. But none of my teachers this year have been mean at all. We didn't get the amount of work I thought we would get either. Just like any other grade, to be successful you just have to pay attention. Don't wait till the last minute to do homework or study for tests. Turn in your work and homework in on time. Everyday I look forward for lunch. That';s the time I can pretty much just relax and talk to my friends. Its nice to have a break in between the classes so you can talk and relax. This year in seventh grade I tried track. Track was challenging for me. Mr. Ross asked me to join so I tried it. Its not my favorite thing to do but it was fun to do a sport run through Kenston.


You cant always just assume how something is going to be. If you assume something before you experience it, then your worries may overcome your joy.

Summer plans of 2015

This summer I have gymnastics practice every week. For a week out of summer I'm going to a gymnastics camp in Tennessee. Its an amazing overnight camp and you get trained by Olympian gymnasts. I will be at that camp for a week getting trained by past and present Olympian gymnasts. Every summer my family takes a vacation together. This year we are going to Myrtle Beach. Those are the two biggest things I know I'm doing over the summer. Other than those two things all I think I'm doing is practicing and just hanging out with friends.   

Memorial Day

Every memorial day my step sister, my step brother and I all go to our farm out in Jefferson County. This year we went and stayed for a few days. We have a big lake that we swim, fish, and jet ski in. We also have four wheelers and carts that we ride in. My favorite part of the four wheelers and carts is when we go through the hill and bumps. My favorite thing to do at the farm is mudding. We take the four wheeler and go through big mud puddles. We have bonfires every night. Its a really fun tradition to look forward to every year.

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2 years ago

I love your Tackk Taylor! I really like how you referenced gymnastics and compared it to other sports you did, such as track. It is also very cool that you do lots of things with your family!

2 years ago

Love all of your gymnastics videos! Your amazing!

2 years ago

Nice job in gymnastics. Good luck with future meets.

2 years ago

Keep up the good work in gymnastics! Have a great summer!

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Your tackk was really good Taylor! You had a lot of photos and videos that I really liked, and your writing was very good and detailed. I hope you enjoy the summer!