how to build a universe

there has been a mouse on Mars and water and the water
got a way
Mars is 142 million miles from the Sun

Mars is 142 million miles from the Sun. There has been a mouse on Mars before and some water but then it. It made a erosion the party is steel there.
The black hole has so much gravity that the sun ,Earth can't even go though the black  hole
It made oxygen and it made our Earth and trees the trees make oxygen as well iron.
there is planets pass pluto.
the sun was created by the milky way
every little peace of sand is that how much universes there are in the galaxy.
jupiter was the first planet made.
the dark mader is the most powerful thing in the galaxy
it took 50 years to make the Sun
every gas and things made our Earth
jupiter has to much gas it might blow up
the sun is so powerful that it can blow up a planet and it makes sparks from the rock the wood can go on fire as well
the is made out of laver and big rocks and gas and many offer stuff it is over100 billion degas

.There is no oxygen on the moon

.There has been no living thing live on the moon but we do not know what.

How to build a plant you need to have over 300,0000 stars.

you need flat ground.



star dust

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