Personalized Beer Bottles

21st bday gift idea for your BFF

If you are looking for a 21st birthday present that captures memories and laughs while enjoying a college pastime (drinking), create personalized labels for your BFF.

What You Need

  • Computer program (Indesign, MS Word or other)
  • Printer
  • Glue stick
  • Beer/win bottles
  • Scissors

How To

  • Choose the pictures you want to incorporate
  • Create a label: make up your beer or wine "name" e.g. BFF Ale or Big/Little Wheat
  • Add a photo(s) to your label
  • Print labels
  • Glue each label to a different bottle
  • Optional: get 6-pack holder (can cover outside labels with construction paper or wrapping paper, tie a bow to give as present