Top 2014 Next Gen. Games


#5. Watch Dogs

The game is a great strategy openworld third person shooter. The plot is interesting but short and there are better games than this, this is why it is at #5. The game also lacks the next gen graphics everyone craves for. Fortunately there is a dlc available to extend the game to a decent amount of hours of gameplay.

#4. Assassin's Creed Unity

If this game wasn't filled with horrible bugs and glitches I would have marked it at first place but bugs aside this gameplay is amazing with new combat system and truly lives up to next gen with rich graphics and content. You can play this game for awhile too. The other downside to the game is that you need an ultra rig to play this on a pc at the moment, I'm sure Ubisoft will handle it though.

#3. Destiny

If Skyrim and Halo had a baby this would be it, the game has open world and spells like in Skyrim and sci-fi setting and futuristic weapons like in Halo. Destiny has got amazing graphics and nice multiplayer aspect which would also make this game an MMO besides the aspects of being a first person shooter and open world. Now what makes the game in this position is the story, don't get me wrong this game is great but the story is a bit dull, and it's not explained as well as other games.

#2. COD: Advanced-Warfare

COD. No not the fish... were you living under a rock your entire life? Advanced Warfare is a big improvement from ghost and lets be honest ghosts was a flunk. The Multiplayer is great as always (except ghosts). The campaign is also good but the multiplayer takes the spotlight as always in cod games. I wouldnt really call it "advanced warfare" since the only thing different is that the guns have gui's and the armor is exoskeleton suits. But its level is at Bo2 if not higher.

#1. Far Cry 4

Best game Ubisoft has made this year making up for the unity catastrophe (not that is a bad game but in it's current state not worth buying) and meta critic marks it 8th place in all of their ps4 reviewed games, the game is truest of the true when it comes to next gen graphics and open world gameplay. There a many side quests to keep you busy for hours if you want to get better gear or loot when you want to take a break from the main quests. The setting has also changed from an island like in 1 or 3 to a place in the Himalayas which is unique and something different like in Far Cry 2 which took place in South Africa. Also ELEPHANT RIDING, LIKE A BOSS.

All of these games are good and this review is totally opinion based was a great assignment from my teacher Mr. Kennedy. PS. Merry Christmas

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