Everyone, at some point, has a decision to make... Stay or go... Be reliable or disappointing... Make a mistake or don't. I have made a series of good decisions that makes me stalwart.

Being stalwart is important to me because when someone is stalwart, it makes them unimpeachable. And that is something I take great pride in. This is a legacy that I am very happy to have. I am stalwart because I am trustworthy.

Being stalwart will help me in the future because, in the work place, reliability is a great thing. Your boss needs to rely on you to complete your work in a certain amount of time.

I am stalwart and I am proud because reliability isn't just important in the workplace, it's important in friendships, family life and school. It's important everywhere and it makes me a great contributor to society. I am like the ground, always there to catch you when you fall.

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