by: Jamal Robinson

Muhammad was born in mecca in 570 A.D, at the age of 25 he was married to his wife Khadija and was known for his honest additude in the business

In his later years Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel and was told he was going to be gods messenger and devote his life to god (a.k.a Allah in Arabic)

some people rejected muhammad's teachings and forced him and his followers out of out of mecca and caused them to go on the great journey known as the hijra

Muhammad returned to mecca in 632 a.d and destroyed the idols the people of the city worshiped and united the people under the one god

The people studied the words of the god under the words of the Quran and followed all its rules, also known as the five pillars of Islam  1: Declaration of faith
2: Daily prayer
3: alms for the poor
4: fasting during ramadan
5: hajj

Muhammad died and didn't name a successor leading to the people spliting the relgion into five groups lead by Caliph, Sunnis,Shiite,Shi'a, and sufis

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