Pastor William Nkea, A Doctor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Pastor William Nkea is a many of many interests. Along with being a spiritual counselor and mentor, he is also a Doctor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, or I-O, focuses on how to increase productivity in the workplace and the related issues of the physical and mental well-being of employees.

Pastor William Nkea, along with other industrial organizational psychologists are tasked with studying worker attitudes and behavior, evaluating companies, and conducting leadership training.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology is an applied field in which basic
theoretical research is also essential. There are a number of different sub-areas that make up the discipline of I-O Psychology, with most psychologists working in one of the six major subject areas.

Training and Development

Individuals specializing in this subject area are involved in determining the type of skills that are necessary to perform specific jobs and develop and evaluate employee training programs.

Employee Selection

This area of expertise involves developing screening tests to determine if job applicants are qualified for a particular position.


Specializing in designing procedures and equipment to help maximize the performance of employees and minimize injury.

Performance Management

I-O psychologist who specializes in this field are tasked with developing assessments and techniques to determine if employees are performing well at their job.


This area focuses on ways to improve employee satisfaction and on how to maximize productivity through programs that improve the quality of life in the workplace.

Organizational Development

This are focused on the organization. An I-O psychologist works to help improve an organization by showing ways to increase profits, redesign products, and improve the organizational structure.

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