Interesting own goals2

Brazilian defender Cafu (C) and midfielder Rivaldo (L, blurred) cheer after scoring, while Scottish goalkeeper Jim Leighton (C, front) kneels defeated on the pitch during the 1998 World Cup opening game Brazil against Scotland in Saint Denis, near Paris, France, June 10, 1998.  xbox one fifa coins Brazil won the game 2- to 1 against Scotland. Scotland contributed to one of Brazil's two goals , which is the first own goal in World Cup's opening game.

Australia's only goal in World Cup 1974 was an own goal gifted to East Germany, which made it the only country that had more own goals than goals in the World Cup.

Cristian Zaccardo of Italy, left, sends America an own goal at 27 minutes into World Cup 2006, June 17, 2006.

South Africa's defender made two goals during a match against France in World Cup 1998, but unfortunately, both the goals were own goals.

Andres Escobar of Columbia, who made an own goal during a match against the United States in World Cup 1994, was shot dead after the match. He is thought to be the first in soccer history to die due to an own goal.

The first own goal in World Cup was made by Switzerland in a match between Switzerland and Germany at World Cup 1938.

South Korea made the first own goal of Asian soccer teams in a match against Italy in World Cup 1986, June 10, 1986. Italy won the game by a score of 3 to 2. READ MORE:

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