Brooke Runneberg

In the movie "42," racism plays a huge role for non whites. Because Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play on a major league baseball team, he faced criticism and discrimination for every little thing he did. People did not like the idea that a negro was playing with white men. Throughout the movie as Jackie faces the negativity from most, he finds very little that actually support him. Because of the people that support him, he was able to accomplish and move forward and block out that negativity. Because Robinson was able to do so, he played his game the best he could and more and more negative people started to realize that all Robinson wanted to do was play the game that he loves, baseball and they slowly began to support him and the idea he brings to baseball.

Watching the movie "42," the audience watching has learned how much hatred people had for African Americans. Watching the film, the audience learns that discrimination is very cruel and can ruin a mans life. Discriminating Jackie Robinson, hurt him and his family, but he was strong enough to fight through it. Others may not have been that tough and let it hurt them and let it bring them down. Discrimination is a horrible thing because people should not be judged by a little characteristic they have.

The movie "42" is about the first African American baseball player, Jackie Robinson who was recruited by Branch Rickey, a major league team executive for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Playing baseball has put a huge struggle on Robinson and his family because they have to deal with the abuse of other players and fans. Robinson fights through his hatred for these people and finds a few other people that help and encourage him along the way.

Remember the Titans

Similar to the movie "42," the movie "Remember the Titans" has racism issues for non whites. At the start of the football season, the football boys went to camp where they were introduced and forced to get to know each other. When they first arrived at camp, none of the boys wanted anything to do with the others. It wasn't just the whites avoiding the blacks, but the blacks were also avoiding the whites. Tired of their behavior, the coaching staff made all of the boys learn each others names likes and dislikes. Throughout camp, the football players began to realize that they could play together. On the other hand, after camp, they had to go through it all again. Being back home made the public get into their minds, and some began to return to how the acted before. After their real season started, once again the realized they were just boys wanting to play football and no one was different then one another. Watching how the boys played on the field, the public began to understand and realize the same thing that they worked well together as a team. Being the only team in the conference to have both white and black players, the team had to face some difficulties with discrimination, but throughout the movie, they began to stick with each other and played as a team.

Watching the movie "Remember the Titians," the audience watching has learned how much blacks and whites disagreed. Watching the film, the audience learns that discrimination can destroy a person's personality. Discrimination amongst the football team and community hurt the teams performance, but eventually made it more successful. The audience learned that through discrimination, a person or team can accomplish anything if they ignore the negativity and put fourth their full effort.

The movie "Remember the Titians" is about a black school and white high school that was closed and the students are sent to T.C. Williams High School. The year is seen through the eyes of the football team and the person who was hired to coach the black school was made head coach over the former white head coach who was in line for the Hall of Fame. The team becomes the a symbol for the community as the football boys and the community learn to depend on and trust each other.

Today's World

In some parts of the world race is still an issue, but for most, race is not as big of an issue as it once was. There has always been and will always be a slight tension between races because of how life was. People will never forget what happened which is why there may be tension. Like race, discrimination is somewhat but not has much of an issue today as it once was. People discriminate race everyday, but not as bad. Some may be confused about what race a person actually is, but not much more than that. Affirmative action refers to admission policies that provide equal access to education for those groups or people that have been excluded. This relates to race and discrimination because without them, there would be not such thing as affirmative action.


Comparing the two movies to todays world, they are very different. Today, all different races go to school together without judgement, play on the same sports teams, use the same restrooms, ext... Today is different from the past because people don't see each other as black or white, we see each other as people. The movies "42" and "Remember the Titians" are very similar because in both movies people discriminate against different races weather it was in "42" where the blacks had a different seating section at baseball games, or in "Remember the Titans" where the the public was against the blacks joining the football team. Race/ discrimination changed in both movies because people started understanding and realizing that all people are the same and want the same opportunities.

This unit I have learned that race/ discrimination is everywhere. Even though it may not be as bad as it once was, but it still exists. It exists because we might look at someone and think they are a different race than they actually are. I have learned that race is a big deal and even though some people might think it doesn't matter, but to some it does and we need to respect that. We learned may things to do with race/discrimination this unit, but it is important to remember even though everyone looks different, we are the same on the inside.

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