A RADICAL in a room for of radicals

This past weekend I spent some time speaking at an education conference on reinventing education...I GOT SCHOOLED...on a different life lesson. There were some incredible ideas and questions shared. Talks of increasing innovation in classrooms, new mentorship models and my personal topic, Entrepreneurial Spirit as a skill set not as starting a business. The lesson came at me like this: As with any meeting of individuals words and ideas are tossed but at some point there seems to be a separation between the majority and the minority.

While there I had a conversation with a like minded individual and he brought up a very interesting point. It is hard to be a radical in a room full of radicals.Reality is that most people only speak of changing the world. Very few want to take the risk it involves to do just that. More importantly sitting in a room for talented minds you have a tendency to question the validation in your thoughts process.

Being a radical is no easy task. Some of the greatest ideas in the world have been shut down by even the most progressive people. More importantly is that the ideas, peoples and civilizations that have truly been "radicals" and impacted the world have weathered the storm. Examples: Steve Jobs, Tesla, the bro who started DROPBOX :)

3 steps to sticking your feet in the mud and staying a radical.

1. Continue to push the boundary by engaging in meaningful conversation. If you want to change you need to involve those around you int he conversation. Ask opinions and most importantly do not shut down when opposition arises. The secret? Have a whole lot more action then the "radicals" are having now.

2. Be ready to have it feel like the world is pushing back on you. However, as long as your idea for change is meaningful and for the better of the community around you then keep pushing back.

3. Accept failure. Accept the fact that you are going to make a lot mistakes and ruffle a lot of feathers as you set forth to make an impact. It is just part of the game. Let it fuel your passion not water down your action.

Rancid said it best....

"Give 'em the boot the roots the radicals

Give 'em the boot you know I'm a radical

Give 'em the boot the roots the reggae on my stereo"

If you want make a difference you are going to make the hard choice to give even radicals the boot and pave your own path.