Teacher Tenure, How it Affects Students

By: Angel Brake

What is Teacher Tenure?

According to the article on ProCon.org titled Teacher Tenure, "Teacher tenure is the increasingly controversial form of job protection that public school teachers in all states receive after 1-7 years on the job."

What is the problem with teacher tenure?

Teacher tenure is a problem because according to Anderson Cooper from CNN because it is hard to get an inexperienced teacher out of the classroom. Some of the teachers on tenure, are not preforming well on state tests, or are performing inappropriate behaviors in the classrooms.

How are the students being affected by this?

Students are affected by teacher tenure because they do not receive they may not receive the adequate amount of information for their next grade levels. This will cause the students to be behind and perform poorly on state tests.

According to an article on Ted about teacher tenure, all of Chicago's teachers are assured by teacher tenure. Only 28.5 percent of the eleventh graders in the school districts met or exceeded the state tests. Only 0.1 percent of the teachers were dismissed because of the low testing scores.

This is good evidence of why teacher tenure is not efficient to be used anymore. Teacher tenure is harming the students more than it is helping them. If teacher tenure is eliminated, when students preform low on state tests, it will reflect on the teacher. This should allow the state to decide if the teacher should be replaced by someone with more experience or if the test need to be revamped.   

Teacher tenure song.

North Carolina teachers are paid a little more than other states, a little less than the US average, and a lot less than other states. Many of the teachers in North Carolina are tenured based. Could this be a problem?

This is a graph showing teacher tenure in North Carolina compared to other states and the U.S. average. This graph was taken from npr.org.

This image shows how much North Carolina has improved in state scores over the last six years. Since teacher tenure started, it has been on a roller-coaster. Sometimes the levels are increased and others they decrease.   

What can be done about teacher tenure?

The individual states can determine if teacher tenure is appropriate for their state. They can decide this by test scores. Also, individuals can go to board meetings so they can discuss the problem with teacher tenure and if they feel it should be eliminated or not.  

A talk show point of view on teacher tenure


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