Thomas Gonzales is a friend I met in El Dorado High School, that is also where Thomas and I became very good friends.

  Thomas is a 20 year old high school graduate who is very athletic, and when in high school was a straight A student. Thomas is a very responsible person who has very great organizational skills. He is always trying to teach kids how to play sports.

  Thomas is looking for a job as a middle school Baseball and Football coach. His skills are that he is very athletic, and naturally good at any sport he plays. He is very good at baseball and is a very fast learner. Thomas is great with kids and teens and they get along just fine. He loves teaching kids how to correctly play the sports and how to have a fun, safe, good game. I really do feel that the job he is searching for suits him perfectly.


(915) 760-3942

3322King Palm Dr




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