Legend by:Marie Lu

In the book Legend by Marie Lu people suffer from poverty.Kids at the age of 12 are tested to see if they either become part of the government,colonists,or killed. The main character named Day took this test and failed but some how got away. His mother was lead to believe that he was dead but he brought them food and watched over them. Not only do they have this test but they also have the plague witch the colonists can't pay for the medicine so there in poverty.   

Depending on your test score is what your future will be if you have a average score you go work at the power plant but if you have a above average score then you will go to high school and college and become some part of the government. If your below average you die.Like most people in poverty there isn't much that they can do about it if people can't get jobs they don't make money so they don't get food and then they die.

The republic try's to show these people in poverty that life is good they play things on ads to try to make everyone think that things are ok and that there going to be ok. These are reasons as to why The book Legend by Marie Lu is a book about poverty.