How did I make the theme my own?

I made the theme my own by adding red water coloring to the water.

What do I like about my photo?

I love the dramatic editing on this photo. I think the editing makes the jar look like it is exploding lava. I think thats pretty cool.

What would I change about my photo?

I would try to straighten the image because the jar looks a little uneven to me.

What actions did I run and what did I do with these actions?

I used Coffeeshop Colorpop 3 for the action and I messed with the levels a lot.

What photo from last week do I think is the best and why?

Last week was the rule of 3rds theme and my favorite was Nicole Saltou's paint brushes photograph. She did a nice job of emphasizing the paint brushes through her editing and the brushes created a nice lines throughout the picture.

Below is the photograph "Lava in a Jar". The first picture is the photo after editing and second image is the photo before editing.