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So what is this cyber security?: Cyber security is basically when a person will secure the network/online data, and other technological data and prevent it from being tampered with.

So what do cyber security professionals do?: Besides working they, make sure the network is working smoothly to enable a good economy online. They also want to block cyberattacks and other threats that could jeopardize the oasis that is ECONOMY.

WHY EACH TRAIT IS IMPORTANT TO CYBER SECURITY?: Gadget addict is important because you need to handle gadgets daily and know how to use them on the fly. Cyber security is a huge network so trying to find that little problem and solve it is a big deal and needs lots of thinking. If you do not enjoy saving the day then this job is not for you because you save people through the job. Looking at the whole job is important and not panicking at all the problems will help you solve them calmly and quickly. Although there are many straightforward ways to solve the problem you may need to think outside the box to solve these problems. YOU need good listening to successfully see all opinions of each side and see which one is the one to go for. Multitasking must be natural because you may need to balance many problems and still manage your social life. You must be a team player so that everyone can work together smoothly and cooperate to solve these problems. Staying ahead of the learning curve is important that way people dont catch you off guard by the fact of new hacking methods. Paying attention to details is important because they may hack at the smallest location, so at the drop of a pin you must respond and pay vigilant attention.



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