Brigid O’Malley of Naples, communicating

Brigid O’Malley Naples had quite a career for the last 25 years there has been many levels access throughout her time as a writer and communications professional. She is earned nothing but the utmost respect and trust from peers and fellow citizens. She has always put the best efforts behind her reports and only committed for the best possible quality in her time with organizations like the Naples Daily News. It is always been her personal motivation that has put her in a pinnacle of top-notch writers and reporters. She always arose to challenges and met, even exceeded expectations. Her ability to carry on for 16 years with the Naples daily news, earned her prestigious awards and honorable mentions. Putting efforts clear and effective reporting has always put Brigid above the rest of her coworkers.

O’Malley had a long road ahead of her since the days of being a reporter. She had taken on various projects such as Habitat for Humanity. These organizations have prospered well through her professionalism and advance communications approach. Many realize that Brigid has always brought positive and steady results for communications department for many different organizations. This is the backbone of how organizations continue to function. Interest is always been a strong point behind what Brigid brings out to multiple forms of media which benefit all these organizations greatly. Many organizations still continue to seek her expertise and consultation. She has a great sense of being able to help bring quality to any program he partakes.

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