Interplanetary Space Commission
Chloe Jones
2nd period


•Alien Name: Plutón Zalien Alien

•Age on Pluto: 0.028 years old

•Age on Earth: 7 years old

•Weight on Pluto: 1 pound

•Weight on Earth: 25 pounds!

•Planet Origin: Pluto/ neither terrestrial or a gas giant!


•Pluto is not a planet anymore... it is now a "dwarf planet", it is 8 planets away from the Sun.

•Pluto have five moons, as of 2013. Pluto's know moons are, Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra.The largest of Pluto's moons is Charon. Charon is about half the size of Pluto, and weighs seven times less than Pluto.

•Pluto has very few gases on it's atmosphere. It's atmosphere is  an extremely thin layer of gas. The main gases of Pluto's atmosphere are, Nitrogen, Methane, and CO₂.

• Pluto's weather is freezing! At its warmest temperature, closest to the sun it gets to -369 degrees Fahrenheit!! It is mostly made of frozen ice!

• Pluto's weather is -240 degrees Celsius or -400 degrees Fahrenheit!! Freezing!

A day In The Life

•You know how long it takes for Pluto to revolve around the sun?  It takes 247.9 Earth years for Pluto to make one orbit around the Sun, at an average speed of 10,623 miles per hour!!!

•A day on Pluto takes 6.39 Earth days. Each year on Pluto takes 247.7 Earth years!

• Pluto is  1,430 miles in diameter and about 1/6th the size of Earth!

Description of My Alien

Plutón is a friendly one foot tall alien who loves to jump around! Plutón's name is a Spanish word for Pluto. Since Plutón lives on Pluto, he must be able to survive in cold weather. After living on Pluto for all his life now, Plutón has adapted very well to his cold environment. Plutón wanted to keep warm, and he spotted a red,white, and blue "coat" on a stick. So he explored until he got to the moon, and took the "coat" of the stick He wore it as a jacket for three years, and it kept him warm through those long years. He always wished to have fur, so he could keep extra warm during the freezing, icy nights. Finally, after four years of waiting, Plutón achieved his goal, and grew fur! Plutón has a light on his head to lead the way at night, just like an Angler Fish, also the light makes him look scarier to ward of other bigger aliens trying to harm him.

Plutón is a consumer. He goes space exploring and "swims" through outer space as he scrounges for food left by astronauts. Plutón feeds on ice, but mostly the food left by other astronauts in space. Astronauts feed on my alien, because when they go into space, the try and catch him along with other aliens, to test on them and their species!

Interesting Facts!:)

•Pluto is named after the Greek god of the underworld.

• Pluto may be the largest dwarf planet, or it could be Eris!

No spacecraft have visited Pluto, a spacecraft, New Horizon, was launched in 2006, which is scheduled to pass Pluto on its way to the Kuiper Belt.

•Pluto sometimes has an atmosphere.

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