visiti Neptune today

I am sure you will have the time of your life

Neptune + fun

The atmosphere of Neptune is very similar to the atmosphere of uranus,and unlike that of saturn and jupiter. The atmosphere of Neptune contains more of the complex atoms such as methane gas, ethane gas, acetylene, and diacetylene so you should bring molecule resistant suit. These constituents, collectively known as “hydrocarbons”. Hydrocarbons from hazes of smog high in the upper atmosphere. There are clouds of methane ice low in the atmosphere. Neptune’s atmosphere originally formed from complex atoms and ice, rather than the simple molecules of which jupiter and saturn formed. The air of neptune is extremely cold, with temperatures of -270 degrees to -380 degrees so bring a thermal suite and helmet. The air is made of complex molecules,the same sort of molecules that we see coming out of cars on the earth so you should bring lots of oxygen tanks. Like jupiter and all the giant planets, neptune’s appearance shows a striped pattern of clouds. Other clouds shapes seen over time include a small dark spot. Neptune has only a little bit of gravity so you should bring a strong rope and a piece of concrete and gravity boots.

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