Sri Lanka Conflict

The Conflict

In Sri Lankan waters, Indian fishing boats are being shot at and Indian fishers are being detained by the Lankan Navy. In February 2015 alone, 86 Indian fshermen were captured and 10 fising boats were seized. India is asking for their citizens to be returned, but Sri Lanka is stubborn and will not allow their fishermen to be returned. The Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ranil Wickramasinghe, states "If someone tries to break into my house, I can shoot. If he gets killed... Law allows me to do that... Why are you coming into our waters? Stay on the Indian side." Sri Lanka belives they have complete juristriction over international waters and have the right to shoot any tresspassers, which is creating a lot of tension with India.

Since Sri Lanka and Indian are extremely close to each other, it is ridiculous that they believe they have the right to shoot down any tresspassing boats even with passangers aboard.

Worthy of Just War

This is clearly not worthy of just war. The extremely small country of Sri Lanka has no just reason to shoot down the large country of India. If war were to come out of this conflict, it would be an easy victory. An diplomatic solution is easily achieved in this situation. India is already trying to peacefully stop Sri Lanka from shooting down boats and return their civilians, so resolution is soon to come. If Sri Lanka returns the fisherman, then I believe India will not try to get any revenge.


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