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Where/When did rap originate?

Rap originated in the late 70's and the early 80's. Rap music goes way back in American history when Griots or west african folk poets delivered thier stories in rythmic tones and different sparse instruments. Nowadays, the art of rap has become something that spans cultural and lifestyle dimensions.

Rap originated in Bronx, New york because club DJ's began to try mixing the sounds from the disco and funk music of the 1970's.

The first Rap song gained mainstream notice in the American music media, it's name was "Rappers Delight", it was performed by a group called the Sugarhill Gang.


Eminem- Inappropriate

Lil Wayne- Inappropriate

Kanye west- Inapropriate

Vanilla ice- bigest hit- "Ice Ice Baby"

Mc Hammer- sung "you can't touch this" was signature song

Tag Team- most known for- "Whoomp there it is"

The Fat Boys- sung Jailhouse rap-clean lyrics and humor

Psy- biggest hit "Gangnam Style"

             How to rap!

  • Listen to Hip hop music a lot.
  • Other rappers music could be helpful.
  • Write lort's of raps.
  • Back up linesare important.
  • Start with down beat.
  • Don't Think.
  • Come up with awesome punchline.
  • Get comfortable then let people watch.
  • Play games, like name it then rap about it.
  • Try to get noticed.
  • Practice rapping in your head anytime you can.
  • Don't stop if you mess up.

Rap Characteristics

Rap songs have continuous beats and the lyrics make a rap song unique. Rap songs usually rhyme and rap songs are usually fast paced.