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Aytakin Ahmadova 4 March 2014

e Twinning

I’m Aytakin Ahmadova, an English working at Azerbaijan, Ismayilli secondary school #1. I’m proud of being a teacher. This is the profession that l love and respect. I’ve been working as a teacher for 13 years. One of the thing I like about teaching English is that you have access everything, opportunity to learn foreign practice, to exchange experience, teach different issues, cultures,… Teaching different issues differently in English sometimes is challenging for teachers. Teachers must always remember that students learn differently. For example, visual learners learn by seeing, auditory learn by listening, kinesthetic learn by doing. For me to reach out to different styles of learners with creative, amusing and didactic way is important. One of the essential methods in teaching foreign language is PBL. I think that learning through projects are great innovations for learning a language, developing real-life skills and applying technology. As an English teacher I work with projects since 2004 .Through project-based learning students have the opportunity to use language in real life , engage in collaborative work and advance their teamwork skills, and think critically and creatively. It is achievable to facilitate students to become acquainted with information technology and multimedia tools. I also do volunteer work in my community. I am the first English volunteer teacher in Ismayilli who teaches English in kindergarten. I prepared a syllabus, and designed a colorful book for YLs. Beside these I teach voluntarism lessons, prepare slideshows, and help my community to improve itself. If I desire my learners learn better, think critically and creatively, explore ideas, come up with originally outcomes I need to improve my professional development through different books, courses, trainings, webinars, organizations.

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