Journal #5

I tried my best to make a marching song

These are the lyrics

When we come marching in,

We will raise our guns,

And yell the cry of war,

And attack with our fellow men,


And fight until the end.

We line up with the other troops,

and march on to the battle field,

then shoot our muskets and make them die,


and fight until the end.

Well load our muskets,

well fire the cannons,

and kill them all,


and fight until we win.

Journal entry #2

I heard Joe, Kat, and Robert talking they said

robert- HOWDY Y’all

Joe+Kat- hey Robert

Robert- Y’all drinking tar water

Joe- no im drinking fresh water *chuckles*

Kat- I’m not drinking at all

Robert- well I'm about to get wallpapered.

Robert- Well ill meet up with some fresh fish tomorrow to get em Yankees

Kat- Give them Sunday soldiers a good whippen.

Joe- considering hes tight he will get beaten *chuckles*

Robert- I’ve been through the mill and I know them Yankees don’t fight

Joe- if they can’t fight then why did they join the army *chuckle*

Robert- that's what I’m slaying… Well have a good day ya hear

Joe- I hear ya

Journal entry #4

A friend of mine who is a spy went to the confederate side to find out their strategy and ended up interviewing a soldier named Jeremiah Handley, this is the questions and answers

1. Jeremiah, when you chose to become a drummer boy, what caused you to make that choice

because I told the truth about my age and I don’t want the commanding officer catching me if I sneak in with the other troops.

2. Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life you are proud or happy about?

I am proud about being a drummer boy because I am serving my country.

3. Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish that I was 16 so I could fight with the troops so I can not sneak in with the other soldiers without getting caught.

Journal #6

April 17, 1861

Dear Micheal

We do not always have free time. When we do have time, I like to

relax for a bit or play baseball with the others. Sometimes I like to watch others gamble but I don’t bet because I do not want to get in trouble. I also like to watch performances at a theater. But one of the greatest pass times is sending letters to loved ones or friends.

The food here is a lot different than it is at home. My favorite food here at camp is Hardtack either though it is just hard crackers it still tastes okay.  Here is the recipe if you want to try it at your house add flour and water and just cook it. What I miss most about being away from home is the love I both receive and give to my wife and children.

At camp I sleep in a tent on the ground.  Most nights I read a book and write in my journal.

I miss sleeping next to my wife in bed in the warm comfort of my house.

Your friend William

MY civil war journal

Your Headline

Journal entry #1

My name is William Stranun

I grew up in Springfield Illinois

I lived in a log cabin before the war and was a hard working man and I did not like leaving home because I did not want to leave my wife and children

I fight for the Union because I agree what Lincoln says

My rank in the army is lieutenant

My family includes My wife Mary, my 11 year old daughter Stephanie & 3 year old Maggie, and my 8 year old son Henry.

Journal entry #3

July 21, 1861

Dear Mary,

I am in Manassas Virginia with the troops

we set up our tents in rows and we used soap with cold cold water to wash our hands.

In the morning we normally clean ourselves, clean our guns, and shine our shoes after we go and fight with the strategy in mind and at night we sleep or continue fighting.

When soldiers break the rules, they have to carry a log on their back for the whole entire day, or put in the “barrel shirt”, or having a “bucking and gagging”, or be shaved and labeled as a thief and forced out of camp by drum and fife.

I hope everything is good at home and the kids are doing well cause I hope to see them soon when this war is over.

I hope to see you soon

Sincerely, William

P.s. Here is a picture of the hill I like to relax on

Journal #7

Today I went to go see my sick friend Jaime Kalliway who had diarrhea and the doctors just made him get it out.  While in the hospital I saw Charles Willow one of the people I played baseball with and he had pneumonia.  He was screeching and yelling in pain from the hot alcohol the doctor rubbed on his chest.  While I was leaving I found Hank Jones a soldier I met while I helped load a cannon.  He had Malaria and he looked wall paper possibly from drinking whiskey and Queenie.

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