Holly oaks who should dodger save?

if you remember Will kidnaped Theresa , Maxine . Will met up with Dodger and said you save alive I end  a live . Will said Theresa is at the boat and Maxine is at the abandon garages but there is a twist he put Sienna in the abandon garages leaving Theresa and Maxine in the same room . who do you think Dodger saved ?.  Sienna leaving dodger thinking he is saving Maxine .  He saved Sienna suddenly left quickly trying to save both of them . Will had ready starting a fire on the boat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He stormed in and saw Maxine fainting and chose her and left luckily Theresa escaped and got out. I love Theresa because she starts the drama and she is so lively. sadly Maxine has gone through a hard 2 years be beaten-up   by Patrick . I feel sorry for her do you ? .                                                               # tell me who should dodger save and why ?                                                                 & follow us ******