Details Project: Cousin Reginald Spells Peloponnesus ,1918 by Norman Rockwell

Tyra Williams

Cousin Regianld Spells Peloponnesus, 1918

I chose this painting because it humorously captures the competiveness amongst adolescence and their peers. The major details I notice were the types of clothes each person was wearing, the chalk board in the background, and the facial expressions. The minor details I noticed was the writing on the chalk board, and the angle of each person and the shadows. None of the people are looking directly at the camera and the middle persons left foot isn't all the way on the ground. The spacing and shadows were difficult to get on point.  I had my brother and friend help me with the picture. My mom was the photographer.   The background ended up being not wide enough, and the way the middle guy was posing was hard to replicate exactly making the process difficult. The overall process took about 2 hours.  I didn't use any computer enhancements.

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell was born in NYC on February 3, 1894. Rockwell's parents were very religious and he sang in the church choir. Rockwell loved to listen to stories that his dad told him and would draw them in his head. At age 14, Rockwell knew that he wanted to be an artist and began taking classes at the New York school of arts. At age 16, Rockwell dropped out of high school to further pursue becoming an artist. He enrolled in the National Academy of Design. Rockwell soon got a job illustrating a children's book and became director of the boy's life magazine. Rockwell began working for the Saturday evening post and submitted his first successful cover painting in 1916 which would later turn out to be a total of 323 original covers for the post over 47 years. In between that time, Rockwell married May Barstow, a school teacher, and had three sons. Rockwell spent the last ten years of his career painting about civil rights, poverty, and space exploration for look magazine. In 1977, Rockwell was awarded the presidential medal of freedom by jimmy carter. Rockwell died at his home in Stockbridge, MA on November 8, 1978.

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