The Financial Fitness Gym

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Am I wrong about the financial status of struggling Americans? Finding solution is becoming increasingly harder! A second or even a third job, payday loans, auto title loan, borrowing from friends and family, going without, missing out on your kid’s important years, most I continue!

These are not solutions; they’re short term fixes and consequences!

The Financial Fitness Gym is a solution, the answer to so many problems. What is the #1 stress related problem in a relation, business or government? If you didn't say finances and how we manage our finances you have a Koch problem!

Monday I'm going to put out my first ever video. Stressing the importance of getting financially fit and why this must remain our #1 priority. Neither government nor employers are fit to handle this monumental task nor do I trust them to.

I'm going to leave you with three things to think about this weekend.

1) The link to my @indiegogo crowd fundraising campaign. Please share, like, donate and contribute. My sincerest thanks to everyone!

2) A credit score IQ quiz and the link to the answers. Test yourself; see how credit smart you are.

3) The super cool song I found today by Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong. I may be a bit late to the party when it comes to this song.

Am I Wrong That's Just How I FEEL