By; Destiny Yantes, Cassie Zimmerman, Andrew Schinzel

             Pay Attention!

                        Or you will regret not seeing what we have at the end!


~ Venezuela is located in the Northern part of South america approximately 10.30 latitude, -66.56 longitude.

~ The population is about 28,868,486 people.

~ The weather there is between 70 degrees and 90 degrees making Venezuela an all year round destination.

~ Venezuela's capital is Caracas.


> Venezuela's government is known as a Federal Republic.

> Venezuela's president is Nicolas Mauro

> When Columbus explored Venezuela in 1948 the area was inhabited by Arawak, Carib, and Chibcha Indians

>The Currency of Venezuela is called the " Bolivar Fuerta "

> Venezuela's constitution guarantees  freedoms of religion, press and assembly, and press freedoms limited.


>Venezuela is a member of ( oPec ) organization of petroleum exporting countries and oil. It accounts for 96% of the exports. If the oil drops in prices then the economy will suffer tremendously. Venezuela Produces goods like grains, sugar, fruits, and coffee.

> Large population lives in poverty, not many people have health care, education, and a good living area. Not many people have a car they mostly take buses, takes, bikes, and motorcycles. they have poorly mad roads and that causes a lot of accidents to occur. A lot of traffic and car jams do occur.

> They have good medical facilities, but they can be found in the urban areas. Rural areas lack people equipment and supplies and cause a lot of protesting.

>FUN FACT!; Venezuela's most popular sport is Baseball!











1) Who is the president of Venezuela?

2) What is the temperature like in Venezuela?

3) What is the top favorite sport in Venezuela?

4) What is Venezuela's capital?

5) What organization is Venezuela apart of?

6) What started protests?

>> The two people who answer all questions correctly will win a prize <<


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