Default Choice

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

We will choose, whether we want to or not. When we don’t choose to go after what we want, we are choosing the alternative. We are choosing mediocrity. We are choosing to fill our future with regret and the pain of a life left unlived. We are choosing by default. We can’t wait for some special moment to open our eyes to our limitless potential. That moment is not one single flashing moment of realization. It is a slow and methodical collection of small feelings and doubts we have about our lives. The moment has come already. Now is the time to choose. Let today's footsteps veer from the path. The feeling of breaking this new trail will hurt. It will battle and bruise us. We will be hunched over and slowed by the fatigue and pain of the work. We will be paralyzed by the fear of leaving the certainty of our default lives. But it will get easier. Not for our bodies, but for our minds. As we build up our tolerance for the grind our backs will be set straight by our new found purpose and confidence. The pain will be deadened and set aside by the euphoric feeling pulsing through our bodies. We will see the fear for what it is, noting more than our old lives desperately trying to hold on to us. We have the option to choose. We can open our eyes today and move our lives forward in the direction they were meant to go. Our lives were not meant to be lived by default. Start choosing today.