My Income & Career Goal Investigation
By: Katrina Garner

My Destinies Dream Job

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The results of my carrer's choices were Enterprising, Social, and Artistic, according the the college carrer search. Also in those three choices it was stated that I would become either a: lawyer, physical therapist,or designer

According to my partner, she thinks that I am destined to become either a designer of doctor because I love working on the human body and I am hoping to work in the E.R, one day.


I will need to get good grades in high school, mainly the best grade that I can get if possible maybe higher. Then I will need to go to college for four or more years. I will need to work or volunteer at jobs that are like the job of my dream so that I can have the experience that I will need in order to get the job.


I want to work near philadelphia if not then in Philly because this is where I believe, all of the accidents happen, And all the fashion is lacking. I have a plan to go to Chestnut University and have two majors and my master degree.


I wish that I was old enough to start either one of these jobs right now.