What is happening in the world
By: Conner Ball

Do you know that Americans are cutting down more than enough trees? Well, we do. The forest are going to be gone before we know it and we wouldn't know what we lost. Clean air is what we will lose and more.

"United States deforestation has caused the destruction of virgin forests by 90 percent since 1600. At the rate of deforestation currently in the United States, only one-fourth of the forests standing today will be standing in 70 years." says Love To Know Green Living. The people that live in the forest are being offered money for logging in any place in the United States of America. Like I said before, trees clean the air and they also produce air from carbon dioxide in the air. So if we have less oxygen, the climate will change in not a good way.

In the dream world we try to use different materials and fuel than wood. By doing this the world will be a place to live on in the future. But in the world today, like I said before, farmers are cutting down lots of trees for money. They could just use different materials to sell, to use for there house, and anything else. But in both worlds we still have trees but in our world right now, our trees are going fast! In the dream world, everything is mostly made out of materials like stone, steel, and metals that are strong enough for our needs. But in both worlds, we still have clean air.

If you want to save the forests of Missouri, follow the steps below.

1. Start using different items than wood items, for example, metals.

2. Tell your friends and family about this way to save the forests in Missouri.

3. If you know a person who works for a company that uses mostly wood for there product, tell them this method to save the forests in Mossouri.

4. Watch as this method becomes popular and watch as the forests in Missouri are being saved!

So deforestation is a big problem and you know it. My plan can work if you use different materials and tell people this trick. But right now, deforestation is still happening in Missouri and you can stop it. The effects are so bad that we might not survive. Species will go extinct by dirty air created by deforestation. Don't just sit here! Help out and save Missouri! I know you can do it!

This could be gone in the future if you don't help.

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