Modern Day Prophet: FT. Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day was a journalist who started the Catholic worker Movement in 1933. From 1897 to 1980, she Lived an extraordinary life and impacted many people through her actions and words. She had always been an activist and in her earlier years was also radical through her protests and journal entries. she wasn't raised as a part of the Catholic church, and in fact disagreed with organized religion for the first portion of her life, however God was always a part of her life and when she Accepted her faith, she did great things in the Catholic community that are still making an impact today.

Although she didn't support the church, she always had some connection with God. God and faith would often come up in conversations with friends, and she would occasionally end up in a church to listen in on the teachings. It wasn't until 1927 that she accepted her faith and went through with her baptism. in 1924, she moved to a cottage on Staten Island to quiet down and have some reflection time and focus on her writing. It was here that she fell in love with a man named Foster Batterham. Foster and her shared many world views and opinions, however he was an atheist. it was during this time that she had her religious encounter. She found herself praying often and always kept a rosary with her, and when she found out she was pregnant she saw it as a gift and a calling from God to become a part of the Catholic church. Although it would mean the end of her marriage with Foster, her daughter Tamar and herself were baptized. She had found her calling and her faith in God was too strong to give up for her marriage.

In 1932, Dorothy travels to Washington D.C. to write about a hunger march organized by unemployed Americans during the depression. She meets Peter Maurin whom she would marry and start the Catholic Workers Movement with. Through her new relationship, there was a revelation in her life that she could do great things that could help many people, especially those who were poor and could use the guidance of the church. Together they came up with the idea to start a newspaper for the Catholic community during these harsh times. retreat homes, food drives, shelters and farms would also be started. Peter Maurin was credited with the initial idea, but it was Dorothy's vocation as an activist for the people,e that put it all in motion.
The view of many people who were a part of the Catholic Workers movement were pacifists and were very much against the wars that would take place throughout the movement. This caused problems for Dorothy because many supporters of the movement abandoned it and criticized the organization due to their views. Although this was a definite obstacle, Dorothy pushed on and tried her best to help those who she could.

Dorothy's main cause to protest was the rights of poor people and how they are treated in America. One of God's Beatitudes is "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth". Dorothy fought for the meek because it was God who said they deserve their rights and freedoms. Dorothy saw people who were in need of help and she wanted to help because their own government would not do so. This is just one of many social justice issues she had covered in The Catholic worker magazine. The Magazine was also sold at low prices and targeted at those suffering from poverty and depression. By publishing The Catholic Worker she became a voice for the voiceless. This is something God called her to do.

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