Hot! Hot! Hot!

Miles Wiggins 2nd period

y=-5/4x+210 and y=-1/2+150 Scorchin' Hot Sauce=x Red Hot Sauce=y

Suppose you are the owner of the Sizzlin' Sauce Company. Your company makes two different kinds of sauce, Red Hot Sauce and Scorchin' Hot Sauce.

Red Hot Sauce=y                    Scorchin' Hot Sauce=x

-5 green peppers                    4 green peppers

-4 chili peppers                     8 chili peppers

1200 chili peppers                1050 green peppers

5x+4y=1050                        4x+8y=1200

y=-5/4x+210                   y=-1/2x+150

When you graph the two inequalities to see what the income would be, it would like like the graph presented above. To minimize cost, and maximize profit you have to fill orders correctly. Looking at the graph, you can see 4 vertices where the two lines interect. These vertices represent the maximum profit, supposing you make $1.00 er pint in profit on Scorchin' Hot Sauce and $1.20 on each pint of Red Hot Sauce.   

Vertices:                    p=1x+1.2y

(0,0)                          1(0)+1.2(0)=0

(0,150)                      1(0)+1.2(150)=150

(100,100)                 1(100)+1.2(100)=220

(200,0)                    1(200)+1.2(0)=200

After calculating the vertices, it would be best to use 100 pints of the Scrochin' Hot Sauce and the Red Hot Sauce for the max profit of $220.00

When visiting Walmart, the prices of the needed ingredients were:

$2.98=1 pint of tomato sauce

$0.57 =1 green pepper

$0.50=1 chili pepper

1 pint of the Scorchin' Hot Sauce will cost $9.26 and 1 pint of the Red Hot Sauce will be $7.83. With the cost to make these sauces, the Scorchin' sauce should be sold for $10.26 per pint and the Red Hot Sauce for $9.03 per pint.

You can sell your sauce to a supermarket chain, a local grocery, and a specialty store. The supermarket chain will buy 288 pints every 8 weeks, the grocery store will buy 60 pints every 4 weeks, and the specialty store will buy 24 pints every week. To fill the orders, you should make 75 pints of sauce each week. This will bring the maximum profit to $220.00.

The other expenses may be $80.00 for the production facility, $40.00 a week for gas, %135.00 for utilities, and workers are paid $95.00 a week.                           

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