JC Penney

Black Friday
By: Claire Cleveland

J.C. Penny is opening early on Black Friday for their annual holiday blowout. Since they have been struggling all year, they decided that opening early for Black Friday would help the store gain back lost interest from their shoppers. They are hoping to have a positive season to make their usual sales go up much higher. The store has changed their way of selling things, from usual thirty and fifty percent sales to "usual low prices". This has made their sales plummet and so now they are rushing to avoid going bankrupt. From jeans to jewelry, extreme sales were their last resort before going bankrupt. On Friday, they had predicted a large turnout, and they ended up being the most successful. JC Penney was the top performer out of all the stores opening early. The reason is because JC Penney had prices that were completely outrageous and everybody felt as if they getting away with a steal because the prices were extremely low.

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