Day 055- November 24, 2014

How does where we are affect who we are?

Today we

    Went to the library

    Checked progress on our notebooks, class novels and found something to read over Thanksgiving.

Homework - tomorrow is our play!

Don't forget that the book fair continues online! Help Gunston Raise money while buying books for yourself!   Click here

Quarter 2 Dates

December 1 - Quarter 2 book club read and ready for discussion
                         40 post-its on vocabulary (hashtag), setting (sun), plot (lightening bolt) and                          characterization (stick figure)

December 4 - 1509 Prompt is due - 1509 preparation

December 5 - Genealogy project due (In school project)
December 15 - Science abstract

December 19- Declare your independent biography

January 9 - finished reading biography

January 15 or 16 - Living History projects presented