How To Get A Travel Insurance Worth Your Investment?

There is a saying “you get what you pay for”, and to that end, many of us discount purchasing a cheaper item for the more expensive, in the hope that the quality of the more expensive item is superior. However in many cases, due to great competition out in the market place, this is not always the case, and in particular this is the case with travel insurance.

India has quite a number of companies offering travel insurance, and as a result the competition is fierce. In a quest to become market leaders, many companies have directed their marketing towards offering discount travel insurance online. The products are still of the same quality, but the costs are lowered due to the reduction of overheads - no commissions to pay to retail agents; no lease or rental expenses for retail premises; lower staffing costs etc. And to this end, some of the best travel insurance India has to offer is now available direct to the traveler, online.

How easy it is to obtain a travel insurance quote or two via the internet. In a flash, the prospective purchaser is able to access and compare travel insurance from as many companies as they wish. Almost without any effort at all the products can be put side by side to reveal the type and extent of cover available, the terms and conditions that apply and of course the cost. Conversely, a trip down the high street to the local travel agent, airline or insurance broker will result in a choice of products being offered, too. But you can almost bet your life on it, that after the time and effort you have expended making the trip, the products you have sourced online will offer just as good quality insurance cover at better prices.

As a guide, having gathered travel insurance quotes from companies online and also from two high street sources, the cost of cover for a family of four holidaying to Fiji from India, for 10 days can range from about $128 to $196. What a difference! And when looking at what was on offer the best travel insurance policies were definitely those that were sourced online.

The quality of the products offered on line, were definitely not inferior to those offered on the high street, with some companies offering travel insurance for travelers over a “certain age”, others for people embarking on holidays where skiing or other activities will be included and quite a few other variations on the basic travel insurance theme. There is certainly no trend showing that the cheap travel insurance quotes obtained online indicate an inferior product. In fact quite the opposite!

When it comes to travel insurance, the adage “you get what you pay for” is actually true. Yes you do get what you pay for. So don’t discount travel insurance that is available at lower prices than others on the market, that way you are paying for what you want, and not someone’s rent