Golden Lyricist

This is a blog for everyone that has a driving passion for music like I do. My name is Xavia Rapholtz I am a poet, rapper, and hummer lol
(I cant really sing just hum)

Music, why does it define me so well with every word i speak in rythem or sing in a tone i feel complete. If your a true artist you understand the passion, the drive you have to have to reach your full potential as a singer, rapper, lyricist, etc. Now with me music came with coping with my inner demons. It gave me a way to express the sides of me i couldnt really explain (Now everyone out there that loves music its been a part in your life when you've made a song describing a tragic event in your life. Am i wrong?)

Let me give you an example of some spoken word.


Why must my feelings be clouded broken beyond recognition

Who knows but the way she flips her hair gives me life, with a smile of a angel

and the persona of a queen you are perfect in my eyes only saw you in my dreams

by any means should i hurt thee by any means shall thy hurt i i will not deprive thee

of thy's hearts, what are the moon without the stars me the moon you the stars

now when the clouds come about stars quiver hide in fear be precautious stay in

your lane but im the one that steers fear is it measured by the sweat on the palm of

your hand when the cute girl from around the way looks at you funny

or is the forever going chase for money.

- Xavia Rapholtz

Good Morning music lovers today try to get inspired by things around you to make a hit song!

Comment the chorus if you dont mind try to think outside of the box!

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