Cyber Security Report

Kevin Engudomnukul

As the term suggests, Cyber Security is a profession focused on the protection of computers, networks, programs, and data from outsiders or intruders that wish to steal, change or destroy it. This also includes protection against things like Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Warfare, and Cyber Espionage. Individuals in this profession are frequently sought out after by the United States government so as to prevent intruders from hacking into the government’s data and information. In fact, the United States has actually spent over $13 billion for the Cyber Security protection they use or employ.

A Cyber Security professional must be able to work with others in their workspace while being able to respond to critical or different situations effectively and appropriately. As an example, a professional must be able to calmly handle a situation like a virus attack and effectively eliminate the attack. While professionals must be calm, they also must be quick to solve a problem or prevent a problem from increasing, and if possible eliminate it. Not only this, but professionals must be able to multitask or perform many different activities in the workplace, thus requiring that a professional have a range of technical skills. For professionals to detect who is causing the problems presented to them, a professional needs to have good problem-solving skills akin to a detective. Finally, professionals need to be adaptable to most if not all situations, because their work hours and their responsibilities can vary or change at any point.

Each of these traits is important to a Cyber Security professional because the job requires a person to be vigilant in their work while being able to monitor and counter any problem flung at the Cyber Security professional. Cyber Security professionals put emphasis on team work because more often than not they will have to collaborate with others in their profession to combat cyber threats, something one person cannot handle alone. Because cyber threats can come in many different ways, a professional must have the ability to adapt to any situation while remaining calm. And because cyber threats don’t come in a set time, professionals must have the stamina or resolve to remain at work overtime to prevent the threat from causing any disastrous damage. I do not feel that I am suited for a job in this field because I am not too social with strangers, and it takes me a great deal of time to open up even slightly to other people. I also prefer to work alone, which is quite the opposite of what is expected from a Cyber Security professional. Also, I am not one who is able to adapt to any situation quickly. It takes time for me to shift my focus from one task to another. Cyber Security professionals should be able to adapt to any situation within a small amount of time so that they can react to a situation and minimize the amount of damage a virus or a hacker can cause to a system or computer.


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