1095-C RFP Questions
April 23, 2015
2:00PM-2:30PM EST

ACA TRACK database is SSAE 16 certified

ACA TRACK is a full service solution which integrates the 3 major data sets (Payroll, Benefit Enrollment, and LOA) needed to provide variable hour tracking and 1095-C reporting

ACA TRACK manages all of the data integration and reporting--most solutions require the employer to load and aggregate all of the data

ACA TRACK also provides work hour optimization reports that identifies employees trending over the 130 hours

ACA TRACK has an automated process to capture and digitally track the capturing of the spouse SSN--The IRS states that you must make 3 attempts to capture the spouse SSN prior to using the DOB

ACA TRACK provides the notification of coverage to the employees once they have qualified for coverage

ACA TRACK completes the calculation of the 11 possible series and populates the 1095-C each month for employees and dependents

ACA TRACK will print and mail out the 1095-C forms to the employees (Print & Postage is extra)

Optional Service: Online Benefit Enrollment System

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