Psychological Approach

By: Ashley Weber Period 3

What forces motivate the characters ?

In the book "Oedipus The King" Jocasta hangs herself because she feels upset from finding out Oedipus is her son. Jocasta had slept with and had children with her unknown son. She was motivated to kill herself by guilt being built up after finding out the truth about her son Oedipus.

From the short story "scars" the mother is worried about the father, who is bleeding on the ground because her husband is hurt because she loves him. Her husband was injured and she was worried about him because she didn't know if he was going to be okay. She was motivated by the bond they have together and her love for him.

The song Too Much - Drake gives off the vibe of i'm sorry and that you regret doing things from the past, which makes you look back at what motivated you to do it in the first place. The song makes you think of things youve done wrong and how it could of ended or happened differently.

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