A world-wide organization

This is who WE are

The OOF PANDAS is an organization founded and dedicated to serving our fellow members. Right now we are in the process of building up our numbers. Once that is done, we are hoping to spread out and help with bigger projects such as global warming. This website is just the beginning, but we need YOUR help to advance.

OOF PANDAS right now is just a little group of friends at school in Chicago, IL. With all of our big hopes and plans, comes the price. We need everyone who is reading this to go to their work, school, or any social gathering area and get some friends together to start and OOF PANDA colony. I trust that you can take it from there.

You see up above this message? it would fantastic if you could donate just a few dollars. It doesn't have to be a lot, but if 10 people donated $5, we would have $50.

The reason for you donating is so that we could pay for activities, a formal website, or donate to a cause. With enough money, we could even make a commercial (we'll need a lot for that though).