T-Mag and Malvo -VS- the Ducks

Graph 3

T-Mag and Malvo ran in circles and didn't stop until they ran 30 times. Then they robbed   homeless ducks at a constant rate of 20 robbed each day for 3  days.  Then they got hungry and ate some food for three days.  Then they went back to robbing  hobo ducks because it is fun and ducks are stupid.  Then they came face to face with the leader duck, Dukk Dux and his wife, Dukklina Dux.  They had the most destructive duel.  There are punches thrown, bullets fired, wings flapped and Malvo and T-Mag were scared.  With the last kick, Malvo flew over the 49 yard high fence and landed on a cement cereal box in Paraguay.  He broke his wooden abacus.  It shattered on the block of steel in his pocket and he is shipped to the hospital in a big box.  T-Mag finishes Dukk off and destroys the whole population in Bed-Stuy.  Then he goes to Detroit and continues on.           

Graph 4

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