March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

Thousand Words
Marisa Baer

Reading the first few pages of the book, I have witnessed one or two memory moments. The moment that really stood out to me was when Ashleigh started to think about when her boyfriend, Kaleb, said he was going to college. Which meant there were going to be prettier girls there.  I wondered if she could actually trust her boyfriend and just let him go to college. Ashleigh mentions how they  used to feel like forever meaning they would be with each other for forever but now she is saying "I used to". I think this means that they are starting to grow apart and they don't feel like forever. They feel temporary because they never get to see each other.

March 25, 2015
Aha Moment

Ashleigh goes to her best friends pool party. There are boys there and one starts to flirt with her. Little does he know she is still dating Kaleb. Ashleigh's friend brings up how Cody, the one flirting with her, likes her. Then Ashleigh brings up Kaleb. Her friends all mention how Kaleb isn't there and how much he doesn't care about her, which is not being mean they just want to help a friend out. She then really thinks about how Kaleb said he would rather "chill with his friends" or "it's only boys you can't come".

March 26, 2015
Contrast and Contradiction

I picked contrast and contradiction. I picked this because in the story Ashleigh is a high honor roll student. Before she takes this picture she thinks about how much this will ruin her reputation which is unexpected because she has never done anything like this. She isn't bad or she has never gotten drunk like she was at the party. If she didn't go to the party she wouldn't be acting unexpected different in my opinion. She wouldn't be in all this trouble and humiliation. When she saw Kaleb he even said she didn't have to send him the picture, he liked her anyways.

March 27, 2015
Again and Again

I did again and again because every time something comes up about a picture or anything involving a picture Ashleigh says "I shouldn't have sent it". Even Vonnie said when they met up a while later "What picture?". No one even remembered it and Ashleigh is still making a big deal about it. She saw Nate in the hallway at school and he just waved at her like he always does. He  didn't remember. I feel like it really isn't that big of a deal because it was just to her boyfriend. I mean she shouldn't have sent it because it's still a picture but now that she can't take that back it's not a big deal. This is making Ashleigh more stressed than she has to be.

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