List Of Grass Mulching Benefits

There are a wide range of things that need to be kept in mind while mowing lawns, and the mowing height is considered as one of the most important of these. Cutting at improper heights not only degrades the quality of grass, it also gives rise to several other problems such as growth of fungi and insects. Another way of perfect maintenance of turf is to settle the clippings produced during mowing into the turf. This process is known as mulching. There are many other grass mulching benefits including:

• Save time: Using lawn clippings as mulch helps saving significant amount of time because you need not to worry about bagging these clippings.
• Save money: As mulching sends the clippings back to the grass, you need not to pay someone to dispose of the waste produced after mowing.
• Provides soil nutrients: The short clippings decompose quicker than the long ones. These clippings provide valuable organic matter to the soil. Additionally, the clippings have enough nitrogen which is required to keep the lawn healthy and beautiful.
• Reduce the needs of chemical fertilizers: As mulching provides all the nutrients for proper growth of the lawn, the needs of fertilizers reduce automatically.
• Avoid impacts of flying debris: As mowing generates a large amount of waste, which comes out of the mower with a speed. This debris can damage the windows, doors, and other valuable things near the grass and it can be avoided by mulching.

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