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About Our Watches

Aevus: Latin-English Dictionary N M
Time of life | age | generation; Passage / lapse of Time

Aevus Watches are designed to be unique in their style, practical for daily use and of course, fashion forward. Our watches are extremely lightweight at only 1.2 Ounces, making them very comfortable to wear. Don't worry though; we didn't make any sacrifices when it came to the quality. We made sure that our watches can hold up to daily wear. Made out of shatter resistant acrylic and supported by a surgical grade stainless steel case backing that provides a solid support. We applied rubber gaskets to the case backing plate, as well as the crown stem, making our watches water resistant up to 30 meters. Lets not forget the best part. Aevus watches make a fun, flashy and incredibly customizable timepiece that you can take with you every where to express your style!

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