Unique Metal Prints

Give your images extra impact with our unique Metal prints. This unique printing method gives deep & vibrant colors with unsurpassed detail and resolution. The surface is ultra-hard & scratch-resistant as well as waterproof and can be cleaned easily with any glass cleaner. While a photograph might bend or lose clarity as time takes its toll, a Precious Metal Print can maintain its unique impression for centuries. Precious Metal Print requires only a single impression to immortalize a friend, pet or loved one. These heirloom quality treasures make great gifts that can be worn in many forms.

Metal prints have become range in the photography market in recent times. They are in fact a great enhancement with respect to making your regular photograph look very beautiful, vibrant and luminescent. Photographs as well as your arts can be printed on metal to not only enhance its beauty but also for preserving your valuable photos and arts for a long time.

A metal print of your favorite photograph can be easily created by visiting a laboratory that undertakes metal printing process. This process typically converts your digital photographs into metal prints by infusing the photograph on the metal. When speaking about infusing the picture, it does not suggest that the pictures are written on the actual steel surface. Instead special chromatic colors are used in the process. These colors are filled straight into the plastic aluminum photo linens using pressure and heat to create Metal Printing. The final picture with steel create makes it more brilliant and radiant in evaluation to your normal picture.

A unique new way to display your photos and images. A thin layer of white coating is applied to the aluminum to enhance the color process which produces a vibrant satin finish. The prints are hung using mounting blocks so they stand-off from the wall giving the product depth and dimension.

To make Metal Prints we imbue colors specifically into exceptionally covered aluminum sheets, making really archival centerpieces. These Metal Prints showcase a progressive new medium that is exceptionally strong, waterproof, weatherproof, and ultra scratch-safe. The special printing strategy gives your photographs a lively glow with extraordinary subtle element and determination.

No matter if you have personal photos, commercial photos, photographed artwork, scanned artwork or you just want interior/exterior signage for your business, your images will be enhanced by our metal printing process. Our process provides a depth and detail to your high resolution images that makes them look three dimensional. We also have an easy to use online ordering portal for Metal Prints as well as all our other options like, Canvas Prints, Photo Puzzles, Photo Enhancements and photo to canvas gallery wraps. Inkdoodle is a combination of technology bought together to offer an unrivaled medium in which to have your precious memories or favorite images printed on for display under all types of environmental conditions. With our Metal prints digital printing service.

The clarity of metal prints is more than your paper prints. Your normal photographs are generally framed and a have glass to protect your paper photograph. Due to the presence of glass, viewing the photograph from very close becomes difficult. Also sometimes the glare of glass hinders the visibility of the photograph. For more information visit the site http://www.inkdoodle.ca/ .