Joan Of Arc


born: January 6,1412

died: May 30,1431

full name: Jeanne d' Arc

she was a peasant girl she believed that god chosen her to save France in its long running war with England she had no military training Joan convinced the embattled to let her lead the Army to besieged city of Orleans,where it achieved a momentous victory over the English and their French allies, the Burgundian.

she was officially canonized in 1920 she was known as the maid of Orleans. she wasnt taught to read or write her mom instilled in her deep love for the catholic church and it teachings. when she was 13 she started hearing voices she thought they was sent from god to give her a mission of overwhelming.

in may 1428 she made her way Vaucouleurs she attracted a small band of followers who believed he claims to be the virgin who as going to save France she had to crop her hair and dress in men clothes to make her 11 day journey to get across the enemy territory to go to chino to get to site  the crown prince’s palace.

she would ask him to give her an army to lead to Orleans she had a miraculous victory she and her followers escorted Charles across enemy territory to reims.she argued that the French should press their advantage with an attempt to retake Paris. Georges de La Trémoille, warned him that Joan was becoming too powerful. The Anglo-Burundians were able to fortify their positions in Paris, and turned back an attack led by Joan in September.

she was ordered to some 70 charges against her,including witchcraft, heresy and dressing like a man. she defied orders by again donning men’s clothes, and authorities pronounced her death sentence.

Jesus of Nazareth

birth:7–2 Bc judea,rome empire

Died:30–33 AD Judea, Roma

In the bible it say's he was born in Bethaham. He had a unique birth. He is the son of god.He is also the waiting messiah, and Saviour.He came into the world to save the people the unbelievers.So that when he returns we will all be given the opportunity to live with him in heaven.He will return and will separate the right from the wrong.He was born by the holy spirit,Mary his earthly mother,but he didn't have a earthly father.Mary conception made her a bit different from all other women. Therefore all christians  should live according to his word the bible so,when,he returns we will be able to live with him in heaven.For the rest of our our lives this earthy body cannot go into heaven.We will get our glorified body.

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