"The Woman in The Snow"
Inferance Chart

I infer that ( The Woman in The Snow) would be about a family who is going to move to American in Chicago and first time experience of snow.

"The Blackbird Express" (257) I know that he doesn't like that road for his own reason, so  I think Grady nickname is call like that is because he doesn't like black and see them low

"Her dark face held no clue of any emotion." (258) I know that when someone make that face they are not proud of others. So I think that the color woman didn't like Grady because of his bad attitude.

"A woman running in the snow, without no hat, gloves,or boot. "(257) I know that when I'm in a hurry I tend to not wear appropriate for the weather. The woman was in a rush to take her baby to the hospital so she didn't wear appropriate for the weather.

"Nobody deserves to be left out in this weather . Ghost or not "(264) I know that when you  treat everyone equally you know what's right or have empathy. Ray let the woman in because he what was right even if she was a ghost.

"Well, they arrested her. So the colored people decided to boycott the buses" (266) I know that when you boycott you refuse to use their services or products for a reason. So the color stop using the bus until they can have their rights to sit in front of the bus