Writing Blog that Crowds Would Want to Follow

So, you are smart, got distinct writer’s voice and passion for writing but all this doesn’t work for your blog? You keep asking yourself: what is it that I’m doing wrong? Why some are lucky to get thousands of visitors every day while my blog attracts something about 5 readers a week? That may be discouraging. Hold on! Don’t give blogging up. Here are tips that may fix the situation.

What’s the aim of your blog? It’s time you sorted it out

Naturally, blog is for people. This is content audience would want to read, find something useful in it and share with others. But such principle works only with blogs that have a clearly-defined purpose. Have you got the one? No? Then it’s time you sort it out what audience you would like to write for and what value your writing delivers.

Let everybody know that you blog

Where do your potential readers hang out? Yeah, exactly! Social networks. If they share your content at such crowded websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter your traffic will grow. For this include share buttons in your blog posts and wait for your audience to multiply. Believe, it will.

Mind SEO while blog promotion

SEO unawareness won’t get your blog far. Without text optimized for Google, your blog will simply be invisible. You may not get deep in all SEO techniques but selecting appropriate keywords and phrases that get indexed by search engines is vital for your blog. Spread these words evenly throughout blog post, placing the most essential ones closer to beginning and in a title. Also mind the number of characters. Keep it manageable for your readers to be able to share your content easily.

Don’t sound unnatural

What is blog? These are ideas that come from your mind. It’s like telling your friend about that gorgeous dress you’ve seen in the shop window lately. It means that your words should come easily and sound natural. This way you’ll hook the audience.

Be responsive

Be an active blogger. Respond to every feedback that your blog posts evoke. Even if these are negative commentaries, don’t stay aloof. The more you respond, the more traffic you produce to your blog.

Lots of luck!

About the Author: Vivienne Smith is a promising blogger and freelance writer. She started blogging in senior high school covering education and student lifestyle topics. Now, being in her 20s, Vivienne has wider focus and blogs about language learning, writing style and SEO. She also works as a freelancer at grademiners.com where she writes academic papers for students.